Kraggy is a London illustrator currently studying at Camberwell UAL

Kraggy says about Social media:
Twitter has helped influence my work greatly. There is a great community of designers/illustrators that is ever expanding. Being able to discover new people creating work is an opportunity that non of us should turn down. It is always helpful to see what others are making, and with twitter you can do this instantly and often witness the process before the final piece.

What I enjoy most about twitter is the direct contact you can have with other practitioners. Being able to talk with your biggest influences, seeking and giving advice, getting opinions can all be done instantly. A good example of this is that I was seeking sponsorship from a beer company for a project, I had tried calling and emailing them but had no response. I eventually got the sponsor by @ing the guy who ran their daily blog!

I always advise people to get it if they don’t already. It will influence your practice and you may discover new working methods. It is also a pleasant way to keep people updated on new projects and shows coming up.

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Mohan Ballard

Mo Illustrations

Mohan studied Illustration at Southampton Solent University. He is currently producing personal works to sell and display. He also likes to take part in collaborations. Drawing and Painting has always been his number one passion and he loves to inject lots and lots of colour into his works.

Mohan says about social media

Social Media is playing a big part of my continued development and growth in the Freelance Illustration field. Without it, I would find it hard to network, meet other illustrators and come across great opportunites. Two examples of this are when I took part in the ‘Haus stories’ and the ‘If I was you’ collaborations. They gave me a great purpose and brief to complete more fun work to.

I love logging onto twitter and seeing what other Illustrator’s are up too, whether it be telling us about a huge oppprtunity that has arisen, or brewing a cup of tea. It’s amazing to get great advice and help from some people too, who are always more than welcome to help.

Personally, without social media, I think it would be made even more difficult to make a break in this industry. God bless Social Media and may it continue!.

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Stacie Swift

Stacie Swift

I am a freelance illustrator living and working in London. I enjoy drawing animals with human personalities, using bright colours and lots of pattern. I complete drawings by hand and by editing digitally, I like to create images with a sense of fun and intricacy.

Stacie says about social media:

Twitter has helped me by introducing me to a whole world of like minded people. It has given me the opportunity to take part in projects and online media that I otherwise would never have come across. This in turn has seen me become more confident in my illustrative style and also my approach to promoting my work, it is lovely to get constant feedback and support from other people in similar fields.

As an illustrator it is invaluable to have these tools enabling me to share my work with as many people as possible, this can be said not only of Twitter but of my Facebook page too. Having large numbers of people able to see my work as soon as it is completed is great!

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Thanks to this weeks three tweeting illustrators. As well as being talented visual communicators they all make good use of social media (not just twitter), self initiated projects and blogging to promote themselves and their work. All very talented and proactive people.

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