Artist: Greg Kletsel
Website: gregkletsel

Today we celebrate! It’s 5W+1H’s first anniversary, twenty six interviews later.  It’s been a sweet journey and I have to thank all the interviewees, all of you readers and followers, and, from the very beginning,  Matt Witt! So, as a treat, today you’ll have not one but two interviews. One to start the day, at 9 a.m., and another to end it, at 9 p.m. The first one is with Brooklyn based artist Greg Kletsel. Greg shares a studio with Two Arms Inc. and makes cartoons, characters, comics, graphics, illustrations and zines. Learn more about him and his work and don’t leave his website without taking a peek at the sketchbooks.


Greg Kletsel, 29 years old.

I’m an illustrator and designer.

I work mostly normal hours, but if projects and deadlines get crazy, I’ll work into the night and on weekends. I almost always have a sketchbook with me, so I’ll draw on the subway, while eating dinner, watching TV, whenever really.


Brooklyn, NY. I share a studio in an old pencil factory with my friends Tabie and Karen of Two Arms Inc. I live a few minutes from the studio with my girlfriend and our future dog.

Because I love drawing, exploring and communicating ideas visually, seeing the finished product, the community of other artists I’m surrounded by, experimenting with new methods of creation, learning, etc.

Projects usually start and develop in my sketchbook, where I work with a variety of pens, pencils, markers, white out and other mark-making tools. Once I have the sketches and ideas down, things start getting scanned and arranged on the computer. I like to bounce between hand-made and digital pretty often to get interesting results. A lot of the ideas and characters that end up in my work come from drawing freely in my sketchbook, so I try to do that as much as possible. I’m also painting and messing around with different ways of working on the side. I hope to bring that stuff into my work more and more.


Find Greg Kletsel here:
Portfolio: gregkletsel
Instagram: sortofbutnotreally
Tumblr: gregkletsel
Twitter: gregkletsel