Artist: Joana Rosa Bragança
Website: joanarosab.com

This week we feature a young lady who lives and works on a small sunny city, which has a large fishing port, lots of boats, Moorish-style houses and warehouses. Her artwork has an inherent maritime romanticism and a lot of it evokes outdoor/water activities. She works with brushes, graphite, ink and watercolour, mostly on paper. Sometimes it becomes 3D compositions or fabric dolls (or soft sculptures, as Joana calls it). On her blog, Joana tells us her “timeless universe” recipe includes “visual poetry, subtlety and humour”.


Joana Rosa Bragança, 26.

I’m an artist and freelance illustrator who loves painting, drawing, printmaking, film photography, sewing and gardening.

I’m a morning person! I like to work in daylight, with natural light. I prefer to focus on one thing at a time; when this is not possible my levels of anxiety tend to grow a little! Time is very important to me because some of my work needs to be executed very slowly, in order to achieve the desired looks, so everything looks good in the end.


I live in Olhão, a small town by the sea in the south of Portugal, and work at my studio or in my backyard, when the weather is good.

This is what I love doing most since I was a kid! I’ve always had an impulse to create new things with my own hands; it’s like freedom to me. Making art is magical; it allows me to step into other dimensions.

I like experimenting, but watercolour is my favourite technique. I usually use it combined with graphite or Indian ink. I also do a lot of paper-cutting. I love nib pens and I have a thing for 100% cotton paper; it’s marvellous! Watercolour is a very delicate and transparent technique, so every gesture will be perceived. Sometimes I paint/draw on impulse, and other times I’m more cautious and do preliminary sketches. It depends on the work and my state of mind. Usually my sketchbook is full of very light pencil drawings and words. I also make fabric characters, which are inspired by my own drawings and made like sculptures, freely and without using patterns.

Find Joana Rosa Bragança here:
Portfolio: joanarosab.com
Blog: borbotosebarbelas
Shop: etsy.com/joanarosab