Artist: Jurjen Bosklopper

Happy new year, everyone! In the first interview of 2013 we present you Jurjen Bosklopper, an animator and illustrator from the Netherlands. Back in 2008 he animated the video for the song “Would you be impressed?” by Streetlight Manifesto, and that was how I came across his name and portfolio. I liked the visuals a lot, so much that I’ve been following Jurjen’s website and blog since. Power to the creatures!

I am Jurjen Bosklopper and I was born in 1979.

At the art academy I have studied illustration but at the moment I work mainly on commissioned animation movies. I like to have my hands on every part of the production so that design, animation and sound work smoothly together. Sometimes I have the opportunity to do the entire movie myself. Other times I work in a team and focus on only one part of task.

If the work asks for it I work all day long. I am the most productive in the morning after a few cups of strong black coffee.

I have a little studio in the center of Utrecht (The Netherlands).

I love to draw and to animate. By doing this I can create images which differ from the reality or just create another, colorful, moving reality.

The creation of things is every time a little different. I like to work with stylized designs: storys and characters that tell a visual story that make you laugh, but also has some depth.

Find Jurjen here:
Showreel: jurjen@vimeo