Mike Green
Artist: Mike Green
Location: Washington D.C.
Website: nightmaremikey.com

Who are you, where are you from?
My name is Mike Green, but everyone just knows me as Nightmare Mikey. I am a Freelance Illustrator born in Washington D.C, raised in Maryland and i received my design degree in Virginia.

What do you do?
I spend my days creating monsters, creatures, and all other weird things that roam then enchanted forests of my mind. I also operate an Independent Brand called Beautiful Nightmare® here in Washington D.C.

Why do you do it?
I love Art and I love exploring my imagination. It keeps me from going nuts, I know for a fact that if i didn’t do artwork  I would probably be dead or in somebodies insane asylum, this is my ticket out of reality.

How does the place you live impact upon your work?
Well, where I’m from the Art scene is extremely underground and very hard to break into, almost like a secret society. Majority of the Artist here all know each other because we all do shows with each other from time to time. Personally I wouldn’t have it any other way though. We are like a family, everybody is willing to uplift each other and help get the next artist to the next level in their art career. Washington D.C is known for government and politics not Pop Surrealist Artists. But that’s cool, it gives me more incentive to work harder to change Washington DC into another place in the world known for great artwork and great artists.

Mike Green

How do you create these images?
My process usually starts with me just sketching around in my Sketchbooks, then I’ll take the finished sketch and scan it in the computer and start vectoring all of my line art. While I’m vectoring the line art, I change around things I didn’t like in the initial sketch, adding and subtracting details until  I get the lines right where i need them. Then after that everything is layering colors and shapes in Illustrator.

Who are your influences?
I don’t really have any influences, I didn’t start doing artwork because I wanted to be like anyone, it was just the only thing  I ever cared to do. But there are Artists who inspire me and keep me on my toes, guys like St.Clair Castro, Alex Pardee, Pale Horse, Hydro74, Zombie Yeti, GodMachine, Jordan Debney, Dan Mumford, Skinner and LaFlamme Just to name a few. I have a lot of Respect for these artist and their work ethic.

What inspires your work?
Current events, Music, Nature, fables, Myths, parables, Horror and sometimes a smack in the face from inner genius I guess. Its weird, I can become inspired by the oddest things. Yesterday I found a Snapping turtle in my back yard and now all I can think about is legions of Insect warriors riding the backs of snapping turtles headed into battle. See what I mean.

Mike Green

What do you like?
Drawing, Painting, Tattoo culture ,Reptiles, Video Games, Skating, Collecting stickers, Vinyl Toys, Military Fatigues, Adventure time, Regular show and i love plain Lays Potato chips (The greasy Yellow Bag)

What don’t you like?
Thong Flip Flops, I hate the sound they make when they slap your heels as you walk… so annoying.

Find Mike Green here:
Web: nightmaremikey.com
T-Shirts: beautifulnightmareclothing.com
Facebook: /1BNIGHTMARE

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