Juan Molinet

Artist: Juan Molinet
Website: www.lebureau.tv

Who are you?
I`m a weird animal from Argentina, that expresses himself through colors and shapes. I work as an illustrator, character designer and art director.

What do you do?
I do mostly illustration and character design, but i’m very open to try any kind of art form.

Why do you do it?
For the love of it, to give a graphic output to all the things that come to my mind, i’m a chronic daydreamer.

Juan Molinet

Who are your influences?
Fleischer, all the cartoonists from the 30s, and a lot of artists, that are not reflected directly in my work, but really inspire me, like Boris Artzybasheff, Charley Harper, Mark Ryden, Femke Hiemstra, and so many more!

What inspires your work?
All kind of religious imagery, 30s rubberhose cartoons, old ads, jazz record sleeves, vintage toys, lowbrow artists, and pretty much everything my eye can catch!

Juan Molinet

What do you like?
Food, from all over the world, old tin toys, books, love the smell of new books, and travel, a lot.

What don’t you like?
Post offices, comic sans, raisins, pidgeons, and public transport in Buenos Aires.

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