Yasmeen Ismail

Artist: Yasmeen Ismail
Website: www.yasmeenismail.co.uk

Who are you?
I am Yasmeen Ismail.  I live in London with my cat and fiancé.  I enjoy sun, walking in forests and having a glass of wine.

What do you do?
I am an illustrator and animator.  I studied animation in Ireland before I moved to London and ran an animation production company for a few years before I decided to go solo and follow my dream of being an illustrator. I am now represented by YCN.  You can see all my work here: www.yasmeenismail.co.uk Also, most of my illustration work is available to buy as limited edition prints.  Just contact me to find out more.

Why do you do it?
I do it because it makes me so happy to create pictures.  I can’t think of anything else I would like to do.  I catch myself grinning sometimes when I am drawing something or cutting out bits of paper.  I also do it to surprise myself.  I find that when  I push myself I make myself proud with what I come up with!

Yasmeen Ismail

How do you create these images?
I start by having a vague idea or a feeling of what I want to do.  I can’t hang around or I will just lose the momentum.  Then I start drawing/painting or what ever is required.  There will be a lull and I may feel rubbish about what I am doing and think I should give up, but I have to push through that bit to get to the good bit where the illustration takes shape.  I repeat this process until I know it’s finished and then I can sit back and enjoy another finished piece.

In a more practical sense I use scissors, glue and bits of coloured paper for hand crafting the bits and pieces and watercolours.  Then when that bit is done I can take the pictures into Photoshop and embellish them / clean them up.

Who are your influences?
Anyone who I think is better than me.  But on a grander level I have a huge love of Quentin Blake, Posy Simmonds and John Glashan.  I grew up with my head in comic books.  There are a lot of heroes there.

What inspires your work?
Taking a long walk somewhere pretty is quite inspiring.  It allows thinking time and brings new ideas.  If that’s not an option I like to read the paper and go to exhibitions.  I need to make some time soon to re-visit the National Portrait Gallery and the Tate Britain and Modern, these places are so peaceful (at the right times) and inspirational. My list of inspirations could go on and on though, I think eating nice food inspires me, as well as seeing my niece and nephew and just running around and playing!

Yasmeen Ismail

What do you like?
I like the country. I like eating (I really like eating). I love to bake and then share the food that I have made. I like to have friends over for dinner. I like to have a bottle of wine with a good friend and talk for ages. I like lunches.
I love cats. I also love dogs. I like my bike and how fast it is. I like to do new things and learn new things, whether it’s screen-printing or how to make a proper italian carbonara. I like learning things from friends. I like work. it gives me purpose.

What don’t you like?
I hate being wrong.  Especially when I am so sure that I am right.  Finding out that I am wrong makes me very very angry.

I hate being shouted at.  I was on my bike this morning and someone who was very impatient and sat astride a motorbike shouted at me.  I hadn’t done anything wrong! The injustice!

I dislike being hungry.  I can’t function when I am hungry and all productivity goes out the window.

But I do try to be very positive!  Life is too short for me to be mad.  It’s a hard lesson that I have learned.

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