Cat Neligan

Artist: Cat Neligan
Location: London UK

Who are you?
Cat Neligan, 23 years old and working a web design day job in central London. Catillest is my illustrating alias, operating after dark and whenever/wherever else allows for a quick doodle.

What do you do?
When I’m not working on making the internet a prettier place, I draw fantasy worlds and creatures. I also love dabbling in creative typography, pattern making and plastering my designs on shoes and t-shirts.

Why do you do it?

It makes me happy! I like the idea of sharing the images I have in my head and hopefully making others happy when they see them.

Cat Neligan

How do you create these images?
It can start with something I’ve seen or read, other times an image will pop into my head from seemingly nowhere, and sometimes I just let the pencil hit paper and see what happens. Most images end up in digital form, but I love getting grubby with charcoal and inks when I’m feeling Amish.

Who are your influences?
Sir John Tenniel, Arlene Klasky and Gabor Gsupo, John Kricfalusi, MC Escher, Godmachine, Tim Burton, Arthur Rackham… I’ll stop.

What inspires your work?
Nature, animals, films, books, music, food… Everything!

Cat Neligan

What do you like?
Things that provoke an emotional reaction. Positive or negative, if it makes me feel I appreciate it. Today, I’m feeling peanut butter, mythical creatures, beer bottles, clouds and the smell of turf burning.

What don’t you like?
Hypocrisy, judgment and injustice. And scotch eggs.

Find Cat Neligan here:
Twitter: @catillest

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