Mr biscuit

Artist: Mr Biscuit

Who are you, where are you from?
I’m Mr. Biscuit, which is my super secret ninja alias. I’m originally from the UK. I lived in the Republic of Ireland for about 7 years, and currently Belgium.

What do you do?
I’m a freelance illustrator and designer.

Why do you do it?
I love it so much. I generally don’t feel any better than when I am doodling, or working on an illustration while listening to music and drinking coffee.

Mr biscuit

How do you create these images?
I normally start with doodling or sketching out ideas as thumbnails, it’s about capturing an idea I want to visualise. Once I’ve refined the roughs into a final sketch I start working in Adobe Illustrator putting the images building blocks into place. Then the fun happens with textures. I used to take my illustrations into Photoshop for texturing, but these days I make textures and apply them in Illustrator.

Who are your influences?
I was originally studying animation, so thats always influenced me greatly. From the early works of Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks to the more modern and dreamy visualisations from Hayao Miyazaki. Right now the most prolific influence, certainly in terms of character design, is graffiti artist Bué. I discovered his work on visiting Ghent a few years ago, it made a big impression, and has stuck with me.

What inspires your work?
I always try to hold on to my childhood memories, when everything was an adventure. Give me Lego, and I can create a world. Give me a cardboard box, I can create a spaceship. I also love to imagine interacting with day to day objects. What if they had odd personalities? You might also see a few biscuit references, you know, now and then.

Mr biscuit

What do you like?
I like long breakfasts. Coffee, biscuits, toast, tea, single speed bikes, cycling in general. I like POSCA markers, and biro pens. I like vinyl toys, I like Brighton (best UK city!). I love music, and dancing like a fool.

What don’t you like?
Grey weather, being overtired, people walking slow and taking up the whole footpath. I don’t like it when I do silly things like set toasters on fire. Toasters and I, yeah, we go way back, we have a long history of adversity.

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