Guy Grimshaw-Smith


Artist: Guy Grimshaw

Who are you, where are you from?
I’m Guy, graphic design and illustration fresh meat. I was born in Kent, moved to Rugby, then to Nottingham and now I stroll around London.

What do you do?
I like to do a lot of different things, most of my time is taken up by design. Since graduating I’ve been working in a couple of different studios getting into the swing of the working world of design. But I love to illustrate whenever I get a chance or an idea, especially if it can be part of a project, although I always love side commissions and projects. I’d like to do some more animation in the future too.

Why do you do it?
I can’t really imagine doing anything else. It’s a great feeling the buzz of enthusiasm you can get from a project or idea coming together, I love using my hands and making things, I hope I can always do that.

Guy Grimshaw-Smith

How do you create these images?
The majority I draw out using my growing collection of black pens, and sometimes I add colour afterwards on the trusty apple. I used to experiment with pencils and paints a lot more and I’d like to revisit that style in the future.

Who are your influences?
There are tonnes of illustrators, designers, animators, film makers and even musicians I admire, it’s impossible to list them all! If I had to pick any one person I think it would be Oliver Jeffers. His illustrations are beautifully put together and have such a unique charm.

Guy Grimshaw-Smith

What inspires your work?
So much constantly inspires me, strange objects or experiences, odd people, good films, bad films, great music, old and new design and illustration, sometimes just conversations, mostly imagination! I like to exaggerate the truth in my illustration. Take an event, or a fact, and imagine ‘what if this happened…’ to give it some humour. When it comes to illustration I can be a bit of a big kid sometimes.

What do you like?
Good walks, being outside, great warm light, interesting people and annoyingly catchy music.

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Tumblr: @GuyGrimshaw

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