James Hood

Artist: James Hood – Resident illustrator for Adam and Joe on 6 music.
Website: www.jodhood.com

Who are you?
I’m James. I grew up in North Wales but now I live and work in Brighton.

What do you do?
I’m a freelance illustrator and cartoonist; probably best known as Adam & Joe’s resident illustrator on 6 music. I’m also just working on some strips that I’d like to do something with, and I send out Cartoon Friday (weekly email with links and art) every week.

Why do you do it?
It’s cathartic and I really enjoy it. The promotion end can be very tedious though.

James Hood

How did you get involved with Adam and Joe?
I got in touch with Adam, asking if I could be their resident illustrator. I didn’t have a real idea of what that would entail but he and James, the producer, liked my work and asked if I’d design a new Black Squadron logo and a coming soon poster. They liked those and asked if I’d do a weekly illustration based on the shows’ contents.

What do you do with them, please explain your involvement in the show.
I listen to the show each week and make a note of the best bits, bits I find funny or bits that give me an idea. Then I try and tie them together somehow in one picture (the images published in this article). Sometimes I’ll use a film or film poster as the basis, other times I’ll just use an everyday setting. Some weeks have been better than others, either because the contents lent themselves better to an idea or because I was better that week. A fuller show generally made for a worse picture I found. There’s too much going on and the connections are more tenuous.

James Hood

Who are your influences?
I got into illustration through cartooning which I got into through a love of comedy really. I love Gerard Hoffnung and Edward Gorey but I’m also influenced by the comedy I love like Ivor Cutler, Peter Cook, Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Coogan, Tony Hancock, Chris Morris etc… and obviously Adam & Joe. I do also love Charles Barsotti though. LOVE him. And everyone is influenced by other artists and illustrators. I’m always inspired by other people’s work.

What inspires your work?
Usually the things that make me laugh. Inspiration comes from everywhere and nowhere.

What do you like?
I like Eastenders.

What don’t you like?
I don’t like people who describe themselves as ‘tea drinkers’ in profiles. I assume they do it in an attempt to paint a picture of themselves working in a large jumper surrounded by cats and biscuit crumbs. Everyone drinks tea. It’s like saying ‘air breather’.

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