Michael Latimer

Artist: Michael Latimer
Website: michael-latimer.com

Who are you?
I am an artist and illustrator from Rotherham.

What do you do?
I sit and draw stuff all day and run Lowercase Industry, a small shop selling prints and t-shirts and other nonsense.

Why do you do it?
When i’m busy with lots of ideas then its a great feeling, when i’m not producing much its kinda depressing, so i suppose i do it simply because it makes me happy to do it.

Michael Latimer

Who are your influences?
I grew up gazing at skateboard graphics in wonder so i reckon alot of what i do comes from that, As for specific people, i love what people like Ghost Patrol and Deth P Sun are doing, little snapshot drawings with some kind of unspoken narrative to them. Also would be impossible to talk about influences without mention Studio Ghibli’s films.

What inspires your work?
Could be anything. It could be the music i am listening to, a weird little youtube clip a friends sends me, anything at all. I like anything. I think if you sit long enough in front of a sketchbook you can almost inspire yourself.

Michael Latimer

What do you like?
Psychedelic music, cats, peanut butter, videogames, cats, black paint, baths, monsters, cats.

What don’t you like?
Public transport, reality T.V, monsters. Oh and hearing people calling Rotherham ‘new Berlin’ winds me up.

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