Artist: Omi Hermitage

Who are you?
Hello dear, I’m Omi.

What do you do?
I draw things!

Why do you do it?
Because if I didn’t perhaps I’d go a bit mental, in a bad way.

Who are your influences?
Recently it’s been colour. But a bit less recently, but still a continuing influence is Oivind Hovland’s work, because I’ve recently been experimenting with my illustatrations in a screen printed medium, which is really exciting and his workshop was brilliant, the colour thing may have started there too, once you see his work. But always, Cyril Pedrosa, a lovely French man! He illustrated and wrote The Three shadows, wonderful little book. It’s a graphic novel, but not as you know it.. (look and you’ll see)

What inspires your work?
Allsorts: lyrics, quotes, stories, old picture books, new mediums. People, odd people, eye catching bold people, old people, well dressed poeple, terribly dressed people, people with flaws, sexuality in people. things poeple say, snippets, conversation, off the cuff happenings, things you may have never seen had fate not intervened.

What do you like?
To record things, happenings, moments etc. They are like memories, looking back through doodles and illustrations. In a personal way. I like to listen to things, namely music! also I like to listen to peoples conversations on trains etc I also the sixties, nakedness, not throwing things away, rats, fat ginger boy cats.

What don’t you like?
Coriander and liquorice and censoring.

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