Sarah Dennis

Artist: Sarah Dennis

What do you do?
I’m a freelance illustrator, artist and designer

Why do you do it?
Because drawing is a joy ! because words can only say so much.Drawing take me back to the feelings I had when I was a girl with all my pencils all around me with my head in my paper enjoying watching my drawing create story’s. I dint want to loose that lovely feeling so I still draw now.

Sarah Dennis

Who are your influences?
My favorite artist at the moment are : Seonna Hong, saelee oh, Luke Pearson and Jon mcnaught. But I’m very influences by Japanese artwork from traditional Hiroshige work to samurai Jack !

What inspires your work?
Natures a big inspiration. Some time when I’m in the city to long my mind run out of inspiring thoughts and new ideas.The effortlessness wonder the great outdoors and being with friends always fills me with lots of new ideas.

Sarah Dennis

What do you like?
Blossom, Kakapo’s (its a flightless bird half parrot/owl ..yes its real it lives in New Zealand), foxes, cake, meat, graphic novels, plush toys, old books, discovering new music and and artwork.Oh and Marmite.

What don’t you like?
Spiders, the cold, dogs that lick your face, wet feet from leaky shoes, people that don’t say thanks you and a crackers that break when your spreading your cheese.

Find Sarah here: @SarahDennis_

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