Artist: Suthipa Kamyam

Who are you?
I am Suthipa Kamyam, or ‘Toey’, a Bangkok-based illustrator and graphic designer.

What do you do?
I’ve just finished my Master’s degree in Sweden and moved back to my hometown. Now I am working as a freelancer, focusing on illustration and art. I get different kinds of work from different cultures, and also work on personal projects and some collaborations.

Why do you do it?
With drawing, I just feel happy doing it. It’s another way to build the world.

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Who are your influences?
I would say I don’t have a specific influence. When I started drawing, I usually took a walk in the forest. Then I came back with stories and images.

What inspires your work?
Nature, tales from the past, mysterious stories, music and silence.

What do you like?
I like the slow life, which doesn’t mean being lazy or doing nothing, but taking the time to appreciate small details, and think about things.

What don’t you like?
Being social.

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