Yasmina Hamaidia

Artist: Yasmina Hamaidia
Website: www.yasmina-hamaidia.com

Who are you?
I am a freelance artist based in Leeds.

What do you do?
I take my passion for the dark, macabre, historical, tropical, natural and curious to create colourful drawings, paintings, collages and prints from a miscellany of materials, for your amusement and pleasure

Why do you do it?
I love to draw and create the ideas I have, so that other people can see, to link the world of dreams and the physical. I also hate to work.

Yasmina Hamaidia

Who are your influences?
Jan Svankmajer, Susan Hiller, Heston Blumenthal, Tim Burton

What inspires your work?
Curiosities, nature, history, food

Yasmina Hamaidia

What do you like?
Octopi, cowboys, fossils, black biro, toy theatres, deep sea, etc etc

What don’t you like?

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