Artist: David Blatch
Project: The Balloon that broke away
Website: davidblatch.com

Wow, this is quite a moment… the last in the series of the Balloon that broke away.

David says:

Like mothers who kill to protect their children and like the students who violently rioted to protect their future, protect that flame in your heart and make sure you become exactly who you set out to be.

Sadly enough, this will be the last look into our friendly balloons life. Hopefully his views and adventures have made you re-think everyday happenings or at least smile now and again.

For me, creating this series has been a massive eye opener. Each piece is based on events or experiences that happen to people in my immediate vicinity. Things that make me question my beliefs on what is deemed to be right and wrong. To find one and match it to an illustration can be tricky and requires a bit of mental stimulation. I’ve found that intentionally doing things that are completely outside my comport zone is a good way of stoking up my minds idea furnace and doing a task with the intention of using it to gain insight reaps massive rewards. The coolest of which must have been giving flowers to girls on the street on the way to work (It was to get into the theme for the 3rd issue based on trying something new, whether it worked out or not).

Out of all the things I’ve learnt from doing these bladdy Balloon illustrations, the most important is that if you don’t know what you’re missing out on, what you could experience or become, there is no reason to change. T.V doesn’t cut it either, there is something addictive about experiencing something with all the 5 senses.

Thank you for being a part of this. Thanks to Matt for his write ups and Creature Mag for being a fantastic host 😀

Now get the fuck out your house, office and comfort zone and figure out what makes you come alive.