Creaturemag is a place to inspire and be inspired, providing a place for humans to experiment and grow creatively.

This is a space for artists to experiment and develop their craft, encouraging humans to create and publish regular illustrations with the aim of developing their visual language and building a body of quality work.

How to contribute: 

  1. The simplest way to get involved is to send your creatures here, send more than 1 if you like! They will be sent to the publishing elves and if they make them smile then they will magic them up onto the webternet for you.
  2. Alternatively you might want to join our collective of regular contributors, posting work weekly to a theme of your choice. Is this is you then contact and we can have a chat.

What is Creaturemag?

Creature is a few things:

  • Creature is you! – We are an endless feed of creative creatures sent by artists from all over the world. Send your creature  ☞
  • Inspiration station – We are an archive of inspiring creature and character based illustrations. See a random Creature  ↺
  • Creature collective – We are an open collective of illustrators releasing new art regularly. Contact with your portfolio and idea for a regular weekly feature.
  • Collaboration hub – We bring together illustrators to create cool projects and collaborations. Like this, this and this.

Copyright: All copyright remains with the artists. A mob of very angry creatures will be unleashed if we find anyone infringing the copyright of our artists. All rights remain with the artists. All usual copyright laws apply. Please ask permission before publishing or using our images elsewhere.