Day 22 - Taxidermy Owl with Mouse

Day 22 – Taxidermy Owl with Mouse

Artist: Matt Witt
Project: Draw Glastonbury

I now have 22 images of Glastonbury, the aim is to complete drawing of Glastonbury every day throughout August, leaving me with 31. 

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I am being swept along with this project,   it has appeared in local press and on Glastonbury FM and I am talking to BBC Somerset about the project next week. It seems to have been embraced and welcomed by Glastonbury and Somerset in general.

Each trip down the High Street leads me to a different part of Glastonbury. Yesterday I  met a friend by chance who recommended I walk out past the Tor to meet Gog and Magog , two ancient Oaks that once formed part of an avenue that lead into Glastonbury (Magog is the image below). This turned into one of my favourite pieces so far. I met a dutch couple drawing the same tree with pastels and  I  made friends with a day tripper from London, we talked about life for an hour while I drew.

It’s these spontaneous happenings, synchronicity and chance encounters, the social interaction that creativity brings about, that I find the most exciting about Draw Glastonbury. I have met more new people in the last three weeks than at any other point in my life so far.

Day 21 - Old Oaks - Magog

Day 21 – Old Oaks – Magog

These are some of the lovely things people of said to me, don’t forget the Somerset accent!

“I know who you are, I saw you in the paper, I did!”

“You’re that artist chap aren’t you.”

“It’s you, you bastard.”

“Ere, you’re that drawing fella, I bet yer good aren’t ya”

“How be on, Matt, what you drawin today?”

Day 17 - Up the High St

Day 17 – Up the High St

Draw Glastonbury is about personal development, existence, time, social interaction and becoming one with your surroundings. It’s about giving yourself a purpose and changing the direction of your life, positively or indeed negatively. I am a creature putting my creativity to use and attempting to place myself in this little corner of Somerset. The last painting might be a self portrait.

Click here to see a gallery with all the images in order.

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