Kate Eggleston Wirtz

Artists:Kate Eggleston Wirtz & Alex Woolam
Project:A new illustration every Friday.
Website: http://www.eggwirtz.com | blog.alexwoollam.com

Happy Friday! This week we celebrate Friday with this intensely psychedelic but playful piece from Kate Eggleston-Wirtz, her application of colour is insane, a modern day Fauvist. Secondly we have this slightly odd 3D creation from Alex Woolam, we think it’s Alex sat in his room beavering away and wishing you all a very Happy Friday!. Enjoy your Day.

Alex Woollam

Alex Woollam - Happy Friday

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Get involved… We celebrate a Happy Friday with artwork created especially to celebrate this day. New original unpublished expressions of Friday! Send your work to creature@creaturmag.com.

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