Artist: Kristopher Kotcher
Website: |

Kristopher Kotcher is a regular Creature contributor and part of two man team behind our “Who’s that Creature” feature. He sent us a video he has been working on recently and we like it a lot.

“How to Paint a Self Portrait” is a video collaboration between Kristopher Kotcher and his friends at Kristopher’s crazy monster creation takes you through the steps on how to paint a portrait of yourself. Filmed in his house and studio in Austin, Texas.

We absolutely love the concept of bringing his distinctive Creature design into the real world with some really brilliantly executed mask and costume design. Full of character and colour Kris’s monster creation is so endearing, just makes you want to reach out and give him hug. We are not sure if he bites! We hope you enjoy.

Kris Kotcher - How to paint a self portrait

Kris Kotcher - How to Paint a Self Portrait

Kris Kotcher - How to paint a self portrait

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