INTRODUCING CREATURE VIICreature VII – Collaboration. CreatureVII will be with you soon.

We are currently working hard to get Creature VII out for the start of April. It is a treat, well worth the wait.

In the meantime anybody wishing to contribute to the blog then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are particularly interested in Music reviews and interviews but are open to anything at all, be it visual, audio or written. Thanks. Creature x

What exactly this issue will comprise of is as much of a mystery to us as it is to you. What little info we do know is outined below….

Bob Milner ( and PEEP!): “Some drawings, some writing, some by me, some by others.”

Bridget Murray (IRK… A selection of artwork and poetry? A mini edition of Irk. We love it at Creature.

Tom Mason ( A busy bee! : Some pictures (drawings, maybe some collage) together with writing from a writer friend- Sejal Chad (abstract prose pieces that meld all this different stuff- ‘experimental’ writing, pop culture and detritus…)

Dave Bevan ( “A series of drawings in collaboration with Fellow Lurking hole half-wit Jerry Price”

Hal Camplin ( DIY art project bristol): Street shrines… kangaroo Kourts street art space project.

Mike Powell ( & 145 collective: “a story with illustrations. long and rolling along the page. characters and collage will feature prominently. the content of the story will echo this.”

Lulu Allison: An interesting piece using newspaper and a road!

Look out for Creature VII in April.

Feb 08

It’s that time again… Creature VII is upon us and we have something rather special for you. We are giving seven Creatures the opportunity to create their very own Creature page. Seven Creatures, seven pages, an eclectic mix of whatever the hell they wish to fill it with. We have 6 sparkling individuals (details on contribute page) so far and have one space left to fill.

The Creature team look forward to receiving expressions of interest from artists, writers, musicians and those looking for editorial experience.

Is there a theme?

There is no theme as such, but there is an emphasis on collaboration, people and DIY arty stuff!.

What is required of you?

You will be expected to collaborate in the creation of a creature page. The content and layout of the page is completely up to you but Creature does expect both written and visual elements.

Page dimensions (very important):
194 mm (550px) tall. The page can be as wide as you like ie scroll from left to right for as long as you wish. Please browse our previous issues (particularly the festival edition) to get a good idea of how we like to present a Creature page.

What we don’t expect from you

All the technical bits (turning the page into a functioning web page) will be done by the Creature team, so no worries about knowing html n stuff, simply provide a JPEG of your layout and we’ll make it work.

The Creature team look forward to receiving expressions of interest from artists, writers and those looking for editorial experience.

Please express interest by commenting below, or contact