M Gusta Illustrations
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Artist: Marc M Gusta
Project: Labyrinths
Website: marcmgusta.blogspot.com

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We are happy to announce that today is extra special… today is Marc’s birthday… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARC.

We are glad you are alive! And we are glad we can celebrate your birthday with the publication of a new Labyrinth.

Welcome to Marc M Gusta’s Labyrinths. This week Marc entices you into another of his rather expansive dreams, last time we had Dream of Red Fruits, today, a Dream of Four Buddhas. It is claimed that if one were to accept the challenge to embark on a journey through this labyrinth and manage to successfully navigate it, he/she would become fully enlightened. It will require a clear and sharp mind, an agile body and determination by the prayerful.

Lay down your path through the narrow corridors of this maze, answer correctly the questions of Buddha and you may proceed on your way to enlightenment. Beware of the spider who sits in wait to thwart your efforts.  We think there are links here to myths involving Buddha and a spider, if you want to google it.

Marc creates truly original and groundbreaking artwork. Click here to see the whole series of Labyrinths. You can see how his ideas and methods have developed and flourished. He is an artist and thinker of a very high calibre and his work should be paraded for the masses to indulge in, or sink through or just get totally lost within. There is a lot more to come from this man, so watch this space.

To see more of Marc’s work: marcmgusta.blogspot.com