M Gusta Illustrations
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Artist: Marc M Gusta
Project: Labyrinths
Website: marcmgusta.blogspot.com

Marc says: “You and me and the devil makes three, this is Heaven and Hell Labyrinth Part1 (Infierno). Take a walk through hell and back to life!”

Welcome back to the M Gusta’s Labyrinths. Every other Wednesday Marc will be challenging the readers of Creaturemag with a new Labyrinth. Two weeks ago we came up against massive reptiles as we navigated through the narrow rivers of “The Labyrinth Of The Great Crocodile“. This time Marc takes us to Hell and back in his Heaven and Hell Labyrinth pt1: Infierno. Beware of The Great Golden Demon. We encourage you to interact with his art, take a break from your daily routine and try to solve these mind bending puzzles and make it through the Labyrinth alive! Take care and beware of The Great Golden Demon.

Don’t lose yourself!

To see more of Marc’s work, visit his website: marcmgusta.blogspot.com