Mark Goss

Artist: Mark Goss

Mark Goss is an illustrator and designer currently based in Antwerp, Belgium. The main constant in his work is drawing, but he tries not to limit himself when it comes to the canvas; it might be anything from a large outdoor wall, a van or even a body, but almost always the work is based in lined drawings.

The above image is a piece he painted on the side of the Fish and Chips store in Antwerp to coincide with the KRANK show.

His personal work; inspired a lot by traditional western tattooing, a touch of skate style graphics and some other various influences, is informed by his daily experiences and he tries as often as possible to use primary sources of reference to create images, where possible he includes this personal sense in professional briefs as well.

Mark loves to collaborate the image below is a piece he created with Sandra Dieckmann, one of Creature’s favourite illustrators.

Mark Goss
Mark is a versatile artists working in many different mediums and formats. Mark’s portfolio is brimming with work created on walls, paper, skin… he makes zines, posters does a bit of design too. A man with many strings to his bow.

Mark Goss

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