Nosrog - Cover - By Daria Hlazatova

Artist: Daria Hlazatova – Ukraine
Project: Nosorog

This week creature received the first edition of Nosorog zine, a magical little journey into the creative mind of Daria Hlazatova.

Resembling something you might discover in the magazine rack at Gandalf’s house, this zine includes such quirky features as: An interview with Mozart’s wig, Holiday’s in Mordor, personal ads from fairytale creatures, a self penned horoscopes section. Not to mention a selection of short stories, all written by Daria and accompanied by her elegant decorative illustrations.

Nosrog - By Daria Hlazatova


With a mysterious black cover and yellowing pages adding to its fairytale charm, this zine displays a conscious blurring of the boundaries between art, illustration, creative writing and self publication, with influences from theatre and performance art in there too.


Nosrog - By Daria Hlazatova

As with all of Daria’s work Nosorog is the product of an overactive imagination and showcases her keen creative instinct.  She adopts a combination of creative influences and inspirations and stirs them with her own blend of  inward exploration to transport the reader towards a window of insight into her imaginative processes.

Its greatest charm is that you can tell she really enjoyed making it; brimming with love, care and creativity. We hope issue 2 is on its way.

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Nosrog - By Daria Hlazatova

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