As well as releasing interesting creative stuff to the Creaturemag community on a daily basis we have been known to release full length online editions, all of which are listed below.

Sadly our days of creating these monster full length editions are over. We must move with the times and develop the magazine, we see regular blogging and use of social media as the way to reach a larger audience and gain more exposure for our contributing artists.

Please browse our full length online editions… this is how Creature started.

Friendship Part 1

Creaturemag 9 Friendship

Creative friends get together and create beautiful artwork inspired by their friendships.
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End of the Road Festival

End of the Road Festival Edition

This edition consists of 16 pages in a handy pocket sized A6 format, 100 were created and distributed around the festival over the 11th- 13th September.

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art of montpellierCreaturemag in Montpellier – Street Art of Montpellier

On a visit to Montpellier in France we went on a little street art treasure hunt. What we found we photographed, what we photographed we put in this edition.

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Creaturemag Festival Edition 08

8th Edition Creaturemag Festival Edition 2008

A festival Diary, including Creature’s summer escapades, interviews with Alessi and Zombie Zombie. Plus an eclectic range of festival related artwork and writing. Cover artwork by Nikki Pinder.

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Creaturemag Festival Edition 08Creature VII

Seven Creatures, Seven pages of eclectic collaboration. Featuring some of the most prominent DIYers around: Bob Milner, Irk, Tom Mason, Dave Bevan, Hal Camplin, 145 Collective, Lulu Allison.

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Creaturemag Festival Edition 08Creature 6 – The first festival Edition.

Artwork inspired by or created at festivals. Join us on our trip through the summer 07 festivals on our journey to the end of the road. We would like to thank the 40 plus people that gave their time to put this together.

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Creaturemag Festival Edition 08Creature Mini – One Minute Wonders

We needed your one minute wonders to see what we could see and all that we could see was some excellent material….. All submissions created in one minute or less. Check it out…

Creaturemag Festival Edition 08Creature 5 – Lost & Found

Articles, reviews, poetry, tunes, short stories, and all illustrated by some of the most talented up coming illustrators around. For this issue we asked the world to respond to the theme, Lost & Found. Launch Issue5…

Creaturemag Festival Edition 08

Creature Mini: Creature Love On Valentines day 07 we put out a call to find creature a valentine… all submissions of love were put into the Creature Love mini edition. We never knew you felt this way! Click here to view

Creaturemag Festival Edition 08Creature 4: What’s This SpaceThe fourth issue of Creaturemag… investigating artists creative spaces. With guest editor Tom Chivers from Penned in the Margins. Featuring a Zine showcase, Emma Bullen on space, Dave Bevan – God save the Lurking hole. Click here to view


Creature 3: Creatures

First edition as Creaturemag. Contributions from creative types submitted around the theme “Creatures”. Artists Joel Cahan and Yoshi Shinagawa, painted vans, writing from Vasco Pereira, Creative cats, a submission from gHOSTbOY and loads more. Click here to view.

Issue2 : Freakshow

Our previous guise… “The Underground” Issue#2: Freakshow. Featuring: Bristols Kangaroo Kourt and gHOSTbOY, the animator Babis alexaidis. Interviews from this issue can be viewed here: issue2 interviews Released: 06/06 Interviews from this issue can be viewed here.

Issue 1: Double Vision

The Underground Issue#1: Double Vision. The rather modest first issue featuring Jason Devine, Simon Pike, Matt Witt, Dan Shaw, Rachel Fisher, Sophie, John Palmer & Mike English. Sorry but this issue is no longer available to view. It got lost somewhere in the internet! There is a £1000,000 reward.