Rob Auton - Sky

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Rob Auton‘s second solo Edinburgh Fringe show, The Sky Show, opened this Sat 3rd August. You might have heard of him, as well as having success at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe with “The Yellow Show”, a solo show all about his love for the colour yellow, he has also had a series of his poems shown on Channel 4’s Random acts.

On Monday we saw a preview of his second solo show all about the Sky. Full of wonderful sky based themes such as skies flying like birds, meditations on the flight path of a fly, lightning bolts stacked like tools in a garden shed, a lego sunset that sinks into the carpet, birds and bees mating to form crazy bird-bee hybrids.  This sounded like the perfect opportunity for a new creative collaboration, between you guys and Rob.

So we are asking you guys to dream up some wonderful images based on Rob’s poems about the sky and all the things that fill it, one example is included below. If you are interested then please get in touch with and we will send you a selection of Rob’s writing for you to interpret in your own style. As well as this we are also open to general submissions on the sky theme, so don’t hang around, lets get this off the ground!

The Birds and the Bees

The birds are mating with the bees
They are doing it
They are shagging
They are bumming
They are rutting
The birds and the bees are making babies,
and the babies are bees with beaks and yellow and black feathers.
They live in hives made from twigs
They sting you and have the ability to poo turds of honey.

Further details: 

This is an ongoing, open submissions project, we are setting no deadline but would ideally like to publish all images before or during Edinburgh Fringe, 2nd – 26th August. ALL relevant submissions will be published in a gallery on and promoted via our social networks. If you are interested then please get in touch with