Sarah Hall - Let's Buy Happiness

Artist: Sarah Hall – Let’s Buy Happiness

Sarah Hall is an illustrator and singer with the band Let’s Buy Happiness. An all round creative lady. To celebrate the release of their new single “Fast Fast” on 28th Feb we are publishing Sarah’s lovely artwork and asking her some questions about her creative endeavours… you can listen to the music and buy the new single here: Enjoy!

What do you do?
I illustrate, write lyrics and sing in a band called Let’s Buy Happiness.

Why do you do it?
It’s second nature.

Who are your influences?
Music when I’m doing art and art when I’m writing lyrics.

Sarah Hall - Let's Buy Happiness

What inspires your work?
Most things, It can be a title, a story, a screenshot, something a friend says anything really, I recently watched a film about Edith Piaf and it just made me want to draw.

What have you been working on recently?
I’ve done a lot of design work in the last 2 years for band posters, vinyl, and EP covers. For our last single I wrote, created props and directed a music video. I played Glastonbury’s John Peel stage this last festival with the XX and Foals Plus made T-shirts for the band other than that I’ve also created artwork for both my record label and for other people too.

Sarah Hall - Let's Buy Happiness

What do you like?
Odd things, clever things, detailed, patterned things, timeless work.

What don’t you like?
Fashionable art, something that within a month you see about 300 drawings of the same thing, hopefully I’m not too guilty of it!

Find Sarah here:

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