rizwan darbarA short script about power, based on the stabbing of Rizwan Darbar.

killah is trying to play manhunt on the ps2.
his conscience appears on his shoulder.

connie: Jeremy- er, I mean, Killah D. Millions, this is your conscience speaking. killah doesn’t respond, eyes glued to the screen, his character slitting the throat of a victim. connie floats down and turns the ps2 off.
killah: What the hell bitch? Tell me you just didn’t turn off my game, oh no you didn’t.
connie: We need to talk.
killah: Bitch please! I tell you when we need to talk, this is man’s house, I have the power here, you don’t tel-
connie: This is your mum’s house.
killah: Bitch don’t – this is something you can’t understand, how I can just kill a man.
connie: So you’ve read the papers.
killah: Front page yo, just under something about Diana and Paris Hilton crashing her ride. Stupid slut.
connie: What else did you find out?
killah: Sugababes new album is shit and Lewis fucked up.
connie: I meant about the stabbing.
killah: Was taking too long to read. Boring.
connie: Let me see.

connie reads the article in 7 seconds.
killah: So?
connie: They haven’t got anything yet.
killah: Did… Did they talk?
connie: His friends? Yes, they’ve been talking to police.
killah: I should have jukked them too.
connie: You were just meant to scare them.
killah: He stepped up to test me! What was I supposed to do? I’m no pussyhole, yeah, he tried to test, and pow! He got jukked, look who’s the pussyhole now-
connie: You killed him, not even 50cent kills people!
killah: (KISSING HIS TEETH) He’s a pussyhole too, what can he do? Gotta keep it real, know what I’m saying, gotta maintain respect, coz… I’m the man!
connie: The big powerful man. I suppose that’s all you can do, since you don’t go to school-
killah: Jokes! School’s for fools! They tried to keep me, but they can’t do shit. I’m the man!
connie: Your mother won’t be very happy.
killah: Psh. What can she do? Stupid skank! She tried to slap me once, I reported her, social services all over her ass, she can’t say shit to me now hahaha!
connie: So you’re a big powerful man, you do what you want.
killah: And I really wanted that phone. That’s all I wanted. Shit like that is for the taking.
connie: Indeed, why get a job and earn money when you have the power to just take whatever you want?
killah: Who’s gonna stop me? It aint you bitch, and stop chattin like a white girl, when did you get posh and shit?
connie: Nevermind. Let’s just lie low and hope people forget about it. Maybe Britney will do something to take people’s mind off it.

rizwan darbar was the 21st teenager to be killed on london’s streets this year. he was 17 years old. what were you thinking about on the 8th and 9th october 2007? Brown’s dithering on an election? the middle east? the mcanns? britney? what’s happening on your doorstep?