David Blatch Illustrations
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Artist: David Blatch
Project: The balloon that broke away
Website: www.davidblatch.com

The 99 red balloons float on aimlessly as we follow the adventures of the balloon that decided to grab life by the horns and pursue a life worth living.

Creature would like to introduce to you a new contributor to the pages of our magazine, the extremely talented, David Blatch. He was spewed forth from the mouth of a stork right onto our doorstep and is sure to be blessed with the the destiny of greatness. He will be publishing new illustrations every other Wednesday, based around the theme “the balloon that broke away”.

Visit his website: www.davidblatch.com to see more of his inspiring and at times quite disturbing work. We particularly like his posters: View posters

David says:
I am a designer currently living it up in Bath UK. I read a lot of indie comics, watch too many cartoons for my age and think the world needs more charisma, maybe that’s just my world. I too feel its important to take your canvas bags to the supermarket and without my red diary, would surely have ended up on the streets by now.

He has recently committed himself to life as a full-time freelance illustrator and he is keeping a diary on the subject. Check it out here: davidblatch.wordpress.com

We hope you enjoy the show, please look out for more of his  illustrations, every other Wednesday.