David Blatch Illustrations
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Artist: David Blatch
Project: The balloon that broke away
Website: www.davidblatch.com

Welcome to part III  in our adventures of the balloon that decided to grab life by the horns and pursue a life worth living.

In this week’s adventure our balloon gets himself caught up in a bit of a mess. You see, in a moment of mad passion he was mistakenly picked up and used as a condom by these two rather freakish and revolting characters. Unfortunately, during what can only be described as a hideously unpleasant act, he fell apart and he doesn’t seem too pleased about it. As they hurriedly try to fix him up they discuss the brighter side of the accident, having a child… to do the dishes!

To be blunt this image the accompanying storyline are extremely sick, David must have one ill mind to dream up such concepts, or perhaps this is just how he views real life and is simply interpreting it for us in these adventures. This is by far the most twisted stop yet on The Balloons trip through life, a brilliantly executed concept and image, great technique, with so much impact and character, and so many arms! It certainly takes a slightly cracked mind and distorted angle on life to produce such an intense and intriguing story that really leaves the imagination to run wild.

It must be said that Creature has been slightly damaged whilst pondering the physical act of love between these two monstrous, dripping, pimple covered beings but we are certain there are real life human beings out their who are equally repulsive!

Look out for further tales from The Balloon that broke away by David Blatch, every other Wednesday. Anything can happen, literally anything!

We hope you enjoy the show.

Check out more work by David Blatch at his website: www.davidblatch.com

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