All the things I wish Andrea Zuckerman had said, 1993.  - The inside thoughts of now - Thom Kofoed & Steven Jarvis
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Artist: Thom Kofoed and Steven Jarvis
Project: The Inside Thoughts of Now
Image title: All the things I wish Andrea Zuckerman had said, 1993.

Welcome to part 10 of “The Inside Thoughts of Now”, a collaborative project between writer Thom Kofoed and Illustrator Steven Jarvis.

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Thom says:
Andrea Zuckerman was my childhood idol. Yes, she was a character in the original series of Beverly Hills 90210 but that did not make her any less of a hero to me.
She was editor of the school newspaper-‘The West Beverly Blaze’ which I just thought was the coolest thing. She was Jewish, hip, well liked by everyone. She was super smart, proactive, passionate and she wore hats with flowers on. She was, in truth, everything I wished I was.

She was also Valedictorian when the gang graduated from high school in 1993. She gave a very poignant speech about how your friends will always be close to you regardless of distance and how we must be brave on the journey (The final line of which I have included as my final line).

Recently I’ve been thinking about the things I wish I was told when I graduated last year. Somewhat unrealistically I assumed I would fall into success and in fact this year has been quite a reality check. I wish somebody had told me something more and I wish that person was Andrea Zuckerman.

Thom Kofoed

The Inside Thoughts of Now, a collaborative project initiated by Thom Kofoed and Steven Jarvis. Thom writes and Steven draws. It works! The guys will be producing new investigations into their deepest inside thoughts and presenting them here every other week for the readers of Creaturemag.

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