'I am your now, gnarled and inaccurate - The inside thoughts of now - Thom Kofoed & Steven Jarvis

Artist: Thom Kofoed and Steven Jarvis
Project: The Inside Thoughts of Now
Image title: ‘I am your now, gnarled and inaccurate’
Website: www.stevenjarvisdesign.com, thomatronics.com

Steven says:
We have delved into darkness for this latest installment in the hope of shaking things up a bit, I wanted more of a challenge this time around and to draw a subject matter that I haven’t drawn before and pairing this with a slightly different writing style from Thom, to create something that is hopefully ugly and uncomfortable to gaze upon and shocking when compared to the last installment. I’m really happy with the design of this piece, as well as Thom’s words.

Creature agrees, Thom and Steven are forever pushing the boundaries of their creativity to produce challenging and intriguing work. More to come soon.

The Inside Thoughts of Now, a collaborative project initiated by Thom Kofoed and Steven Jarvis. Thom writes and Steven draws. It works! The guys will be producing new investigations into their deepest inside thoughts and presenting them here every other week for the readers of Creaturemag.

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