Thom Kofoed

Artist: Thom Kofoed
Project: The Inside Thoughts of Now
Title: Though I hadn’t been ready the seasons changed until ten were gone

Thom says: I finished watching the final season of the original Beverly Hills 90210 (again) last week. Since then I’ve felt lonely. I hadn’t meant to and I realise it seems a little much but I miss them all. I’ve started a new series of paintings called ‘Teen Idols’ and am painting teenage stars from the 1980s and 90s as a way of keeping the connection open.

This is teen idol #3 in the series-Kelly Taylor from Beverly Hills 90210 (aka Jennie Garth). She went through a lot during the show-an eating disorder, two rapes, a cocaine addiction, a brief stint in a cult. She was trapped in a house fire, became the fixation of a crazy lesbian, had two failed engagements, two love triangles (both involving the same man), was the victim of a drive by shooting, miscarried, watched the father of her boyfriend get blown up by a car bomb and throughout it all dealt with a mother who struggled on and off with alcohol and drug addiction. She’s pretty much my hero.

This is my dedication to her, to the whole gang, to the Peach Pit and the class of 93.

I miss them deeply.

I’ll love them eternally.

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