Creaturemag was an artist run magazine / collective releasing new illustrated work from upcoming artists, it was a place of free expression and collaboration. It now stands as an archive of creature based illustrations submitted between 2006 and 2016, a source of inspiration, and a cross section of a decade of new illustration. The Creature Archives features  work from now famous illustrators like David Litchfield and Kris Kotcher and Mulga the Artist, plus many many more! See a random Creature ☞



A word from Founder, Matt Witt 

“The Creature archives includes illustrations from over 400 artists in varying formats. It started as a magazine releasing quarterly editions, and morphed into a blog and collaborative hub. It now stands as an archive of illustrative work between 2006 and 2016. In line with our intention to facilitate artistic devlopment we will archive this work, ready to inspire a new eneration of illustrators.”


“Everyone has the power to publish, we chose to fill our little corner of the internet to bursting point with beautiful illustrations.”


Connect with Matt directly on these websites:

www.wakeupscreaming.com – Matt’s new project
Facebook profile – Personal FB page
Fb – Mattwittillustration – Illustration
Instagram/mattwittillstration – Illustration
Linked in – Connect
Soundcloud – Folk Music
Good Designer – Matt’s design company