Richard Fairhead

Artist: Richard Fairhead
Location: London

Who are you?
I’m Rich Fairhead.

What do you do?
I’m an illustrator. I draw with my hands and eyes in London town.

Why do you do it?
I like it. And I’m not really good at anything else…..

Richard Fairhead

How do you create these images?
Everything is hand drawn 1st then polished off in photoshop. I do a fair bit of screen printing when I get the chance too.

Who are your influences?
I’ve always liked Ian Stevenson’s work, as well as Gary Taxali, Gary Larson, Modern Toss, Sailor Romain, Andrew Rae, Sailor Jerry, Morning……

What inspires your work?
Lots of stuff. Mainly animals, any hand drawn type, vodka, Movies, Ian Stevenson, monsters,, 50’s motels, sailor tattoo’s, cake, friends.

Richard Fairhead

What do you like?
When a drawing works straight away. Old pubs with an open fire. New pens. Egg & bacon sandwich’s, Johnny Cash. The cinema. London. Vodka…..

What don’t you like?
People who don’t say please or thank you. Monday morning’s. The state of the world. Oh yeah, and olives.

Find Richard Fairhead here:
Twitter: @richfairhead

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