Bear Wrestling Championships - By Ollie Stone
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Artist: Ollie Stone
Project: Bear Wrestling Championships

Over the past few months we have been publishing a series of illustrations by Ollie Stone, in particular a number of extraordinary Bear wrestlers that one by one fought their way out of Ollie’s imagination and into the ring. Each Bear wrestler has his very own costume personality and unique special move that he employs to dispose of his mighty bear opponents.

To celebrate the completion of this great series of characters Ollie has created a massive Bear wall (CLICK HERE TO SEE IN ITS TRUE GLORY). That’s right! One massive illustration that details the birth of bear wrestling and introduces each of the most prominent bear wrestling contestants, providing insights into their little quirks and the grudges they hold.

This wonderful piece of artwork has been formed from lots of smaller artworks collected to form a definitive guide and commemorative artwork, it is a collection of the worlds finest Bear wrestlers presented for celebration by their adoring public. Lots of thanks to Ollie. We hope you enjoy the show!