Freak of the week - By Ollie Stone

Artist: Ollie Stone
Project: Freak of the week

This week we give a warm welcome to Illustrator Ollie Stone, a new contributor to our freak of the week slot. Ollie will be teaming up with Joe Baglow to bring you a new creature every Monday, especially to freak you into the week ahead. Ollie’s style is cool, great use of ink and colour to create slightly off kilter but very iconic creatures and characters.

We particularly like Ollies animals, to which he attributes human characteristics, stances and even pops clothes and super hero outfits on some of them. It’s difficult to know whether his creations are animals with human characteristics or vice-versa, I guess that’s why they are so intriguing to look at.

A bit about Ollie
Ollie graduated in 2009 and has since travelled most of western Europe with his sketchbook. He is now on a mission to establish himself as a professional illustrator and with several exhibitions and commissions under his belt we think he is well on the way.

We were very impressed by the image Ollie made for his final degree project, it’s called “The Beast” and can be seen on his portfolio site:

We hope you enjoy the show.