Marc M Gusta - The City
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Artist: Marc M Gusta
Project: The City

Marc M Gusta is a Spanish artist and one of Creature most talented and loyal contributors. Over the past year he has been working on a series of Labyrinths and publishing them here on Creaturemag, Click here to view the labyrinths.

In 2011 Marc has devised a brand new project called “The City”.

Marc Says: I would like to introduce a new project I’m working on, called, The City. For 9 months I will make a detailed drawing of each part of the city, finally gather these parts and I’ll get a great picture of 63cm x 90cm. The first picture of the plane, is called: B2.

Creature says: What an innovative idea for a project… we are very excited to see how this artwork develops. The first part, B2, is the area right in the centre of the map, below. We will stay with Marc over the next 9 months as he creates his vision and publishes his endeavours exclusively here on Creaturemag. How exciting!

Marc M gusta - The city Map

To see more of Marc’s work:

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