Oscar the Onion

Artist: David Litchfield
Project: Oscar the Onion – A short story by Matt Witt, illustrated by David Litchfield.
Website: www.davidlitchfieldillustration.com

A few weeks ago we introduced a new project by Matt Witt and David Litchfield, an illustrated book about a special little Onion named Oscar. Read the post here. Over the next few weeks and months we will be revealing the many layers to the story of Oscar the Onion by Matt Witt, brought into glorious technicolour by the hand of David Litchfield.

David says: The drawing above is going to be part of a wider image on page 1 in which we see Oscar looking down on the streets below that has lots of kids having fun and playing together. Really hammer home the alienation that Oscar is feeling.

After a pretty hectic summer, I’m really excited to finally be making a start on bringing the world of little Oscar The Onion to life.

Matt says: The story was inspired by my little sisters, or rather I had them in mind when I was writing it. Although they are better behaved than Oscar! The story was also created for a competition to bring a vegetable patch to life. Needless to say, the story didn’t win, and I’m glad because otherwise this collaboration would not be happening.

Look out for more on the story in coming weeks.