Mischief Champion

Artist: Mischief Champion
Website: www.mischiefchampion.com

Mischief Champion is a collection of regularly-updated drawings based on the every day experiences and thoughts of Katrin Hagen. Sometimes these drawings are harsh, sometimes silly. Other times, they’re quite insane.

Creature has been following her site recently, it’s a refreshing break from the day with some insightful thoughts and intriguing illustrations in Katrin’s unmistakable line drawing style. New drawings are added every Monday and Thursday. Check out the project: www.mischiefchampion.com

Mischief Champion

Katrin says: I’m Katrin and I live in Berlin. Before that, it was London, and before that, New Zealand. I was born in South Africa and have a degree in Fine Arts.You can get in touch with Katrin here: hello@mischiefchampion.com.

Find Mischief Champion here:

Mischief Champion

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