Artists: Joel Moore
Project: Mulga’s Zombie Zoo

I drew Gareth for an event called Let’s Face It , a one off night of live tee making, music and good timing in Brisbane Australia.

An Ode to Gareth Glitter the Gorilla

Gareth Glitter the thieving Gorilla
Was as notorious as the fabled Godzilla

He liked to heist the diamonds and jewels
And he played keys with the band The Death Mules

When not gigging with his band called The Death Mules
He was burglaring houses and breaking them rules

No lock he found that he could not pick
No safe was safe from his skills so slick

He did not seek televisions or cash
Only jewels and gemstones made it to his stash

He did not thieve for money or gain
But for something more odd and slightly less sane

The truth to note is that he kept all those stones
And used them as decorations for his collection of gnomes

The End

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