The Cat Badger

Artists: Gonzalo Balmaceda and Michael Powell
Project: The Windy Voices of Love
Website: gonzalobalmaceda.wordpress and

The Cat Badger

The Cat Badger lives within a world of his own whispers
and whimpers. Stalking the streets of imagination
and pursuing the caramel ledge of fantasy
in each moment and with every breath.

The Cat Badger smells strongly of fish and stale milk
but is unaware of this, as he is too avidly consumed
within his own shadow. Sadly this is a smell that those
around him know only too well.

The Cat Badger is a follower of astrology
but has no time for astronomy, despite this
he does not discourage others from following the star science path
“We all have to believe in something” he often remarks

The Cat Badger’s greatest enemy are mirrors; especially mirrored rooms
mirrors offer patterns which he perceives as savage
and pathways he cannot fathom. He prefers open air,
fence posts, brambles and cushions.

This is the second collaborative piece from Michael and Gonzalo as part of their series ‘The Windy Voices of Love’- A collection of hybrid creatures from imagination and myth written by Michael and beautifully illustrated by Gonzalo. They will be adding more of this series on Creature Mag very soon!!

Gonzalo Balmaceda is an illustrator and Graphic Designer who currently lives in Buenos Aires.

Michael Powell is an artist and writer who lives in a Cloud Gallery in Bristol.

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