Artist: Diego Lizán
Website: diegolizan

Diego is from Spain and a fellow Creature Mag contributor. He draws, paints, sculpts/assembles toys and is also active on graphic design. His illustrations have something similar to drawings made by children, being colourful, direct and simple, yet also show elements shared in the communication design realm. Diego tells us his work consists in creating characters and imaginary worlds – may this be another access to it!


Diego Lizán, 45 years old.

Illustrator and graphic designer.

I prefer to work during the day. I could never do anything else than to sleep and dream at night. I would like to dream worlds and fantastic things to draw, as the surrealists did.


I live and work in Murcia. It’s a city on the southeast of Spain. We have a long summer and lots of light. I work at an apartment with the studio on one side, where I work with brushes, and the office on the other side, where I work with the computer. My two dogs are with me almost every time.

I always say: when I was a kid I liked to draw more than to play ball.

I like to do many different things. From Mac to paper. Working bitmap and vector drawings or with acrylic and Posca markers on recycled boards. I really like colour and light. To achieve this I use mostly light backgrounds. I make dioramas or creatures with recycled objects, because I love the world of toy art. I have a large collection and dream of producing my own series. Meanwhile I paint bottle gourds as if they were dolls or kokeshi. In short, what I like to draw are fantastic creatures and imaginary worlds.“We live in reality, why paint it?”


Find Diego Lizán here:
Portfolio: diegolizan
Facebook: diegolizanilustracion
Twitter: DiegoLizan