by Foxboy

by Foxboy – Skies

Rob Auton is one of Creature’s favourite poets / stand up performers. Last week saw the opening of his new solo show at Edinburgh. To celebrate and help Rob to promote his new work we are asking for submissions based on his poems all abou the sky.

We have received a wonderful response so far and here is the first batch for your eyes this Monday morning. 

Gemma Cotterell

Gemma Cotterell – Skies

I grabbed the sky from the crisp winter morning
Screwed it into a bluebird
Threw it up into the empty air
I grabbed the sky from the overcast afternoon
Molded it into a soggy pigeon
Threw it up into the empty air
I grabbed the sky from the full moon night
Folded it into a star encrusted crow
Threw it up into the empty air
Three skies flying like birds

Sebastian Hagelstein

Sebastian Hagelstein – Flight path

Flight Path
Buzzing around frantically
With his or her tiny pristine engine the fly forces me to feel lazy
Never has a living being been so accurately named
If we could document the flight paths of flies
Jackson Pollock’s paintings would lose all worth
The fly paints its flight path until it dies
The journey from my bedroom to the train station
takes five minutes as the crow flies
And twenty seven years as the fly flies

Jonathan Ellis

Jonathan Ellis – The Birds and the Bees

The Birds and the Bees
The birds are mating with the bees
They are doing it
They are shagging
They are bumming
They are rutting
The birds and the bees are making babies,
and the babies are bees with beaks and yellow and black feathers.
They live in hives made from twigs
They sting you and have the ability to poo turds of honey.

Submissions are still open. 

If you are interested then please get in touch with and we will send you a selection of Rob’s writing for you to interpret in your own style. As well as this we are also open to general submissions on the sky theme, so don’t hang around, lets get this off the ground! Further info can be found here: