SUNNY DAY SETS FIRE REVIEWSunny Day Sets Fire – End of the Road – Single Review – Released Mon 18th Feb 2008

Review of the new Sunny Day Sets Fire single “End of the Road” (b-side “Lack of View”)

From the comfort of a grassy seat in the morning heat of a late summer’s Saturday, the Creature team gazed in amazement as this band produced a sound that seemed to perfectly compliment the optimism of that particular September morning at The End of The Road Festival.

When Sofia, proud Sunny Day Sets Fire supporter and co-organiser of EOTR asked us to review their new single, we jumped at the chance. Not only because we love checking out new music but because this band stole a place in Creature’s heart that sunny day.

The name itself expresses underlying excitement and the band deliver. With an intensity breathing just beneath the brim, the new single “End of the Road” is on first inspection, a naive mish-mash of sounds. On more in depth listening it transforms into a sweeping arrangement of thought provoking musical aesthetics, rising to a climax of intense guitar and vocals via an eerie, Country influenced intro, melodic verse and a brief, punctuating chorus. “End of the Road“, dreamily accompanied by it’s b-side “Lack of View”, are clusters of such individual scores that shouldn’t really compute but are somehow beautifully translated somewhere in the space between your ears.

Sunny Day Sets Fire seem to have cherry picked their band from every corner of the globe and this shines through in the eclectic recipe of sounds. Blend this with genuine character, add a sprinkling of uniqueness and there you have it. SDSF are an accomplished, energetic and wholly loveable collection of musicians and their latest single, an exciting, inventive and well formed collection of sounds.

Jumping head first into 2008 with more mainstream sound than previous offerings, SDSF are a band that Creature thoroughly recommends and we look forward to hearing much more of them in the year ahead.