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Artist: Keiron “Seamouse” Lewis
Website: keironlewis

“Seamouse” grew up in the UK, where he also learned how to surf, and is currently based in Sydney. He is graphic designer and shares that job with being an illustrator, husband and father. Influenced by skateboarding graphics early on, Keiron’s artwork draws inspiration from what surrounds him, playing with form, light and color. It’s naivity, humour and hand made quality whisper: let us not be like a machine.

( Keiron’s interview closes a chapter. 5W+1H will be on hiatus. It’s been a pleasure and I’m proud of each interview I managed to publish. I have to thank you for making it worthwhile and also thank all the artists who participated. I’m now moving in another direction and will bring my own artwork into Creature. Stay tuned! )

Bush Walker

Born Keiron Lewis I managed to pick up the odd nickname Seamouse somewhere along the way and it’s now most commonly associated with my illustration work.  I’m 33, 6′ tall, wear size 9 shoes and…

… I have a 9-5 job designing and making corporate awards.  I also freelance as an illustrator and hobby as a surfer.  This is all juggled with my most enjoyable and rewarding job of being a husband and father.  All in all it keep my days pretty full.

Creatively I don’t think I ever stop, I constantly scribble on bits of paper, make notes on my phone, and think up amazingly interesting concepts before forgetting them.  For hard graft and production though I’m definitely a night time guy.  It ties in nicely with the responsibilities of my life but my best work always seems to happen between the hours of 9pm and 3am.


I live spitting distance away from Bondi Beach in Sydney (it’s currently going off as I write this).  It’s a far cry from the south coast of the UK where I grew up.  I do all my illustration work on the kitchen table which is less than ideal.   I consider myself very British but love the Australian lifestyle.

I think most creatives don’t have the choice, it’s just a natural part of their everyday lives.  I come from a family of storytellers so I guess this is my way of telling the stories around me.

Most of my work starts out as either a thumbnail sketch or written note before becoming something bigger. I like to work in a mix of mediums but generally the final product ends up as some sort of print, be that lino, screen, stencil or whatever. I also work heavily with Adobe illustrator and photoshop to clean up hand drawn work before going to print. There are thousands of technically better illustrators than me so the only thing that can set me apart is illustrating from my personal point of view.

Top Turn

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