Artist: Marta Monteiro
Website: martamonteiro

Marta Monteiro is a graduated sculptor (from Oporto University of Fine Arts) turned teacher, illustrator, animator and film director. Regarding illustration, she makes posters, children books and editorial illustrations. Her artwork puts down roots in graphic design and printmaking, recurring to juxtaposition and overprinting, and aims to make the most out of a simple colour scheme.


Marta Monteiro, 40 years old.

Happily working as an illustrator.

I rather work early morning when everybody is still asleep and everything is quiet. But since I’m very much obsessed by illustrating I do it all the time as long as I’m at home. Because I was never good at multitasking, whenever I can I rather focus on a work at a time.


I live in Penafiel, in the north of Portugal. I haven’t got my own apartment so I live in the family’s attic, where I also have my working place.

Because I love it and feel uncomfortable or annoyed when I’m not doing it.

Latelly I start by writing down ideas and stop when I think I’ve got enough to begin with sketching. Having a good idea is better than to do a pretty picture, so I usually take a lot of time in the beginning. Then I do a few rough sketches just to put in place the main elements of the composition. Usually these are bit abstract but help me picturing perspective, composition, proportions, etc. I used to experiment illustrating with different techniques, but I’m losing that need to try something new and began working mainly with digital drawing and painting. I’ll probably be working this way for a long time because it’s a very quick method and I can spend more time thinking rather than doing.


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