Artist: Nathaniel Russell

Aloha, Creature followers! April brings you Nathaniel Russell, from Indiana, US. Nathaniel got a BFA in printmaking and is now active in drawing, illustration, graphic design and painting. A blend of colors, lines and layers, often combined with text, his artwork has an intrinsic simplicity and a hearty promptness, in which drawing and humor take an important role. Read Nathaniel’s answers, visit the links and watch a witty drawing lesson from him too!

Nathaniel Russell, 37 years old.

I make drawings, prints, books, pictures, fliers, and design things.

I’m a multi-tasking morning person. I take a lot of breaks.

I live in Indianapolis, Indiana and I work in my house and in the backyard.

Might as well, right? I have ideas for things and images and I try to follow through and make them real things that exist.

I like to do drawings with pencil and brushes and ink and sometimes turn those into silkscreens and woodcuts. I find that the less I labour over something the better it turns out. I try to keep it simple.

Find Nathaniel Russell here:
Blog: crooked arm
Drawing lesson : “how to draw a dolphin”